FBY Tip: Honey, Lemon and Ginger Water


Hey girls!

I hope everyone is having  fabulous week! My week has been really exciting. I have been taking sewing classes while I wait for NYSC to begin in November. Asides from that, I have been at home through out mostly because of the ebola scare…it’s getting so real and it’s better to just stay in an environment you trust. Please don’t forget to buy your hand sanitisers, they are very necessary in this trying time although God is the ultimate protector but let us play our part and be cautious.

Okay! So today I’m bringing you a tip of mine and I’m sure most of you have heard or read about this skin secret. Where do I begin? Pardon me, I’m about to give a long story! Lol…my best friend and I did this thing we called ‘Water Therapy’ when we still in school and it worked like magic for us. We were glowing so much, everyone wanted to know what our secret was. The thing is we drank nothing less than 8 glasses of water a day, unfailingly showered twice everyday and ate fruits with every one of our meals. We did this for two weeks and the result was unbelievable…I really don’t know why we stopped. Out of the blues, some weeks back, I thought of embarking on this journey again since I have more knowledge now about the skin and how it works. So, last week Monday, I officially started my water therapy but for the first week, I didn’t measure the amount of water I took a day. I was just drinking water and it was the only form of liquid that touched my tongue just because I wanted to get used to taking just water being a Coke addict. I also felt that asides from eating fruits, I could take other things like juices and tea to get even better looking skin.

So this is where my Honey, Lemon and Ginger tea comes in. Well, I don’t know if I can categorise this as a tea but that’s what I’m going to stick to since you have to use hot or warm water. if you have been following up, I gave reasons as to why honey and lemon are good for your skin and your body in general. now, I’m just going to briefly brush up on the skin benefits of ginger.

Ginger is popularly known as a spice and is also known to be medicinal. It is vastly used in Chinese and Indian cuisine and ‘Ginger tea’ is also known to help with the case of cold and flu but this spice or root can also be very beneficial to the skin. Ginger is packed with anti-oxidants  that protect the skin against ageing. This root is a great antiseptic that helps in cleaning and fighting blemishes which results in a glowing and radiant skin. Ginger is also great for toning the skin.

So I think after reading this, you will understand why it’s the perfect match made in heaven. I drink this every morning before I head out for my classes. I also think it’s a great way to cleanse your body just as the day starts. The good thing is, it doesn’t taste gross so it just makes it easier for you todrink. If you happen to try this out, let me know how you find it. Have a great week girls!