Style Crush Saturday: Rochelle Dianne


Hey dolls!

May I just say that Instagram is the perfect place to find style inspiration, I don’t know which is really better, instagram or tumblr? I found this beautiful blogger (@rochelledianne) on Instagram and I instantly fell in love with her style. First off, she kinda reminds me of Rihanna and y’all know I’m all for anything Rihanna, lol.

One thing I really love about her style is how versatile it is. She can be edgy, sexy, simple, sporty…she really knows how to switch things up! and please can we just have a moment for her incredible body. I mean, I thought I had a body but she’s got a body for daysss! Her shoe and bag collection is TDF (To die for)!!!

If you want to see more of her incredible style, visit her blog and thank me later!