The Color of Love


Happy Happy Valentine’s day lovers!

As we probably all know, today is all about spreading love and showing love. It’s a day to celebrate love! So, I’m sure you all are guessing who my valentine is, well asides from the obvious, **drum roll** ME! Yes…that’s right me.

Growing up into a woman, I’ve had so many experiences and those experiences helped shape me into who I am today. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learnt in life is to love myself without limits. It took me a while to really understand what it meant to love myself but when I figured it out, I realised that self love is the first step towards knowing or learning how to love any human being. If you cannot love yourself, If you cannot be your own best friend, your own comforter, your No 1 supporter and believer…best believe you cannot love or be any one of these to any one, be it a friend or boyfriend. I learnt that my mistakes don’t define me, I’ve learnt to be more forgiving towards me, I’ve learnt to appreciate the good in my life rather than count every wrong in my life. When I learnt all these things (which took a bit of time), I suddenly started to love myself more and appreciate me. I started to see myself the way I know God sees me. In his eyes, I am his most priced possession and I am his little princess which means I am royalty. I became so happy, I didn’t even understand where the happiness was coming from. Ever since I learnt this, I have loved better. I’ve been a better friend and companion.

So the word I have you my FBY Ladies, please love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you would never be content and happy and truth be told, no man or woman on earth can ever make you happy except Jesus. Humans can make you happier with your life but don’t ever put your happiness in the hands of humans. Love yourself honey…you are worth every thing in the world. Love yourself and the rest of the world would follow suit. I just thought to share that little piece of information with you all.

I would also love to give a big ass shout out to my baby!!! Thank you for showering me with all your love and just being you! You rock my socks off. Once again, Happy Valentines day to you and yours. I love you all and thank you all for reading my blog and dropping the positive comments. It gives me the strength to carry on.

My sexayyyy ass red bandage dress is from French Connection and the photos were taken by Emily Nkanga (

















Perfect Color For A Perfect Pout!


Hey fabs!

If you’re ever feeling depressed one day, turn up your music, pour some wine and put on some LIPSTICK! Yes sweethearts, lipsticks make you happy because there’s no better feeling when you have your perfect shade of lipstick on. Your lips draw a lot of attention to your face and its important that we always have them soft and colored…that way you will keep the boys coming **wink**

As its my job to keep y’all looking stunning by paying attention to every little detail, here are my best lip colors i think you should try out. Believe me, they will add a certain kinda pop to your outfit and  they will leave your lips looking ever kissable!

Berry blast!


This shade of lipstick is perfect for women who are color shy and is a very sexy replacement for the color red.

Light skinned women should wear bright and pinky shades like the Cinz bright raspberry mineral lipstick while dark skinned women can also pull off this look by choosing a deep berry shade with a lot of texture like the M.A.C Hang up

You can check these stores out for the best berry colors:

  • M.A.C (Cyber, dark side and hang up)
  • NARS (Russian Doll)
  • Yves Saint Laurent (Forbidden Burgundy)
  • Revlon (Dark Cherry)

Going Subtle With The Nudes.


Nude lips are as glamourous as glamour can get! They are perfect when you have heavy eye makeup on or when you’re going for a really understated look. Another advantage is, they give you fuller lips! Sexy huh?

Kim Kardashian is well known for her well painted nude lips. The blush nude makes her lips look so edible! Lol…but really, if you want to keep your girly and sexy side without using bright colors, go for nude shades.

Nude lipstick is best when your lips are smooth and well moisturized so dont forget to exfoliate your lips and smack on some moisturizing lip balm.

For light skinned and medium skin women, I would recommend M.A.C Myth, M.A.C Shy Girl, M.A.C Creme D’nude, M.A.C Freckletone, M.A.C Creme Cup, Bobbi Brown Uber Beige and Bobbi Brown Beige.

For Dark skinned women, I would recommend Bobbi Brown Cocoa, Bobbi Brown Hot Chocolate, NARS hustler lipgloss, M.A.C Icon and M.A.C Coconutty.

rihannaRemember, in order for you to pull off the nude lip trend, you have to add color somewhere on your face so you dont look completely washed out. Try using a colored blush or eyeliner.

Luscious Fuchsia Kisses!


Which fabulous woman wouldn’t wanna have fun with pink? Definitely not me! Pink is fun and it embodies femininity. This particular shade of pink is best in the summer when you want to go bold with colors! Its fun and flirty and can make any dull outfit look very hip and trendy.

The classic fuchsia lipstick for everyone and every skin tone is the M.A.C Girl About Town. It goes well with neutral eyes for a more safe look but you can go heavy on the eyes if you’re trying to give extra glam like Khloe.

cos-khloe-kardashain-makeup-0611-de 2011 American Music Awards - Arrivals

If you have an olive skin tone, you should try the Maybelline Fuchsia Fever, its really bright and its bound to really make your lips pop because of your skin tone.

To round up you perfect fuchsia pout, make sure to apply two coats of the lipstick to get the full color out, apply concealer to the edge of your lips and you’re good to kiss **muah**

The Rusty Reds


Red is such a sexy color on its own but now we are talking about ‘Rusty Brick Red’. Dita Von Tesse is known for rocking brick red lips, its just so old hollywood glamour. Your go-to lipstick for this red would be the M.A.C Ruby Woo which is a matte lipstick that suits almost every skin tone.


To make your brick red lip stand out even more, you can apply heavy eye makeup so as to balance the brightness of your lip. Just dont go crazy with colors…stick to the neutral colors for your eyes.

For my dark skinned divas, go for the Sephora Lip Attitude in Brick Imagine to get a more natural look and opt for Bobbi Brown Raisin Berry to make more of a statement while Bobbi Brown In The Red would be a better choice for light skinned women.

Rihanna Buys Half of Paris

Rihanna totally killed the red lip look with her beautifully contoured face. Love Love Love this look on her!

Citrus Orange Crush

orange lips

Orange lips are a big hit right now. What i love the most about the orange lip is the fact that  even dark skinned women can rock the color despite its brightness. You just have to go for a muted shade like L’oreal  Peach Fuzz or the YSL Blood Orange and if you want more color, you can try M.A.C Lady Danger, Revlon Color Burst or M.A.C Temptalia.

Light skinned women and Olive skin toned women are more lucky with this color because it gives your skin a certain kind of glow and leaves a sun kissed effect. I recommend NARS Heat Wave or Rimmel London Coral Gold

4928789_f260 05-solange-knowles-orange-lipstick-1040kc030711

Please ladies, because orange is such a risky color, you might want to go light on your eyes to avoid looking tacky. We don’t want that now, do we? Although if you’re wearing a really bright shade of orange, you can put some blush to stand up to the intensity of your lips.

Here are pictures of me wearing M.A.C Ruby Woo and M.A.C Creme Cup


Hope you enjoyed the post and i hope you all have the courage the rock this lip colors cause I sure do! Don’t forget to drop a comment and follow my twitter handle (@Omoyele_O) and my instagram (Omoyele.O)

Love you fabs,