Join The Print Party! Fashpa X JLabel Lookbook

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Hey fabs!

First off, I must say I think it is such a great idea that Nigerian fashion brands have started embracing the ‘diffusion line’ idea such as Virgos Lounge with V Label and Rebahia with Wild Magnolia. Joining the band wagon with their diffusion line which is named J label, is the power fashion house Jewel by Lisa.

The diffusion line recently launched their collection online which will be available at They also released a lookbook/campaign featuring PR girl Tania Omotayo who oozes nothing but fun, fun and more fun. Party with Tania as she shows off key pieces from the diffusion line JLabel, which features an amazing selection of easy to wear separates in JBL’s signature modern prints, bright colours and easy silhouettes.’s Style Team says “We are huge fans of the J Label and we are excited to have it online at  It is the perfect everyday wardrobe for today’s cool girl at an accessible price. Affordable Luxury at it’s best!”

The party inspired campaign is fun, playful, flirty, minimalist and yet so high fashion. Get caught up in the glitter and grab a hula hoop as shows you the different ways to wear your prints this season. Join the cool set.

Fashpa.com_Print Party-Look 1 Fashpa.com_Print Party-Look 2 Fashpa.com_Print Party-Look 3 Fashpa.com_Print Party-Look 4 Fashpa.com_Print Party-Look 5 Fashpa.com_Print Party-Look 6 Fashpa.com_Print Party-Look 7

Model: Tania Omotayo

Creative Direction, Styling & Makeup: Fashpa Team

Photography: Lakin Ogunbanwo

To shop the collection visit:


Customer Care: +2348093274000




Re bahia Launches Diffusion Line ‘Wild Magnolia’


Hey girls!

You all remember ‘Re Bahia’? The fashion brand I was raving about here (, Yes! They recently launched a diffusion line called ‘Wild Magnolia’. I’m so happy because diffusion lines are usually cheaper and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good bargain? Cause I do! I have to say, the pieces from the line are just spot on for summer. I see pastels which have made a huge come back for summer again, I see beautiful florals which only does the brand name justice. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these pieces. My wardrobe is crying for some new summer goodies.

View the full collection below and let me know what you girls think.


Re-Bahia-Wild-Magnolia-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-June2014003-400x600 Re-Bahia-Wild-Magnolia-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-June2014004-400x600 Re-Bahia-Wild-Magnolia-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-June2014005-400x600 Re-Bahia-Wild-Magnolia-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-June2014006-400x600 Re-Bahia-Wild-Magnolia-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-June2014007-400x600 Re-Bahia-Wild-Magnolia-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-June2014008-400x600 Re-Bahia-Wild-Magnolia-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-June2014009-400x600 Re-Bahia-Wild-Magnolia-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-June2014010-400x600 Re-Bahia-Wild-Magnolia-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-June2014011-400x600 Re-Bahia-Wild-Magnolia-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-June2014012-400x600 Re-Bahia-Wild-Magnolia-Collection-Lookbook-BellaNaija-June2014013-400x600