Perfect Swimwear For Summer: Andrea Iyamah


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Hey Dolls!

So, Andrea Iyamah is a designer i recently came across and her swimsuit line is banging! I love love her pieces! Oh…she’s Nigerian, just like me…so proud! But yeah…as I was saying, her latest collection titled ‘Nkwor’ was full of aztech prints, cut out swim wear, pastel colors and much more.I would feel really sexy wearing any of these pieces at a pool party or to the beach. Infact, even if i don’t wanna go to any of those places, I would just so i could show off my AI swimwear.




There’s a piece for every body type in this collection and I just wanna say Andrea Iyamah…wherever you are, you are a GENIUS!

Check out Angela Simmons rocking and loving AI swimwear!

Angela-Simmons-in-Andrea-Iyamah-2013-Swimwear-June-2013-BellaNaija003 Angela-Simmons-in-Andrea-Iyamah-2013-Swimwear-June-2013-BellaNaija004

To purchase any of the pieces, you could get them here —-

Thank me later..xx

Trend Alert: Dungarees Take Over!

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One thing i love about fashion is how quick it can change! Style and designs are recycled and clothes can get an upgrade from farm wear to high street style! Oh dungarees!…a serious blast from the past! Dungarees were a big hit in the 90’s with all sorts of colourful stockings and sunglasses and now they are back.

Thanks to to major fashion houses like Moschino, Ralph Lauren and Henry Holland who sent this trend down the runway! Its definitely a wardrobe staple for summer! I love how this trend is so flexible, it can be worn in thousands of ways!  It also comes in different fabrics and styles! So embrace your inner child and hop on this trend!


Peep more photos of different gorgeous fashionistas rocking this trend! I hope you get inspired by these photos!

ladydi_gl_28feb13_rexfeatures_b_592x888Classic 90’s fashion! Princess Diana rocking her dungarees  Love the clean look behind it, so different!…such a style icon!









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Th key in looking for where to buy dungarees for an affordable price is looking in high street stores like, Topshop, Zara, River Island, H&M and so on! Here are my fav items in stores this summer!

2083839800_1_1_3 4406021405_1_1_3 $39

These are both available at Zara for 39.99 GBP! Really Really love the black dungarees! If you want to go with the feminine edgy look for the dungarees trend, this is your best bet.

2969046800_1_1_3 $239

This too is available at Zara but its more pricey its probably because this leather. It retails for 239.99 GBP


This is retails at River Island for 30 GBP. This when you’re going for a more casual look! Would rock this with a crop top, bowler hat and smokers! but you can switch it up and wear nude heels to give your look more sex appeal.


I can so see Kim K wearing this with her hair all sleek! This cost 40 GBP and they are also available at River Island.


These dungarees both retail for 45 GBP. You can get them at ASOS…Pastel colors are so in every summer so buying a pair in a pastel color is a smart buy for your summer wardrobe!

Hope i did my job by keeping y’all updated! Love…xx