With Love From Yele…


I have been getting mails about my blog, why I hardly post pictures of myself and also people wanting to know what my personal style is about and first off, thanks to everyone who sent me mails, I really love communicating with my readers.¬†So, yesterday…I think i was really missing home (Nigeria) hence the colors, lol but i really have to say I was feeling myself.

IMG_3076 IMG_3070

I decided to take a few snapshots using my iphone camera. I do have a canon but i can’t find my battery charger so i have to get a new one so i can post better pics for you guys. In the mean time though…bare with me **kisses**


I also started using lipliners recently and boy do they make a whole lot of difference…a good difference that is. I used MAC Currant lipliner and MAC girl about town and it turned out to be ¬†fantastic match! The currant lipliner pretty much goes with any lipstick in the pink – purple color range. You like?



Blouse – Zara

Skirt – Zara

Necklace – Zara

Bracelet – Micheal Kors

Watch – Christian Bernard

Shoes – Nine West

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Have fab weekend!xx