FBY 101: How to tie the classic Lily twist


Hey girls!

I hope everyone is having a great week! Today, I am officially introducing a new blog series called ‘FBY 101’. This blog series is one where I will be giving different tutorials on different things, not just fashion. It will fulfil my promise of passing every bit of knowledge I have to my readers, so the tutorial will range from how to wear certain trends, how to to switch up a look, homemade face packs, cocktails, drinks and maybe food. I am really excited as to what this new blog series will do for my readers and how well you all respond to it. I hope that you will all enjoy it and learn a thing or two from my tutorials.

First up on FBY 101 is a tutorial on how to tie the classic infamous Lily twist with the African Iro and buba. I have made available pictures and also words to describe the entire process. I tried to make it as easy as possible by capturing each and every one of my movements. I hope you all enjoy this post and I would love some feedback on how you did. So, let’s get started!


Step one: Hold both sides of the wrapper and make sure they are of equal length.


Step two: Take those two ends and twist them in a 360 degree motion.


Step three: Take those two ends to the back and tie in a knot.DSC_0216DSC_0217 DSC_0219

Step four: After tying them, chances are there will be excess fabric. Neatly tuck them inside the wrapper.


Step five: Make the necessary adjustments if there are any.DSC_0232

And there you have it! A simple lily twist!

If there are any questions on this tutorial, please feel free to send me a mail at omoyeleog93@gmail.com. Now here are full pictures of my look. Pardon my lack of smiles, lol…I wasn’t in a good mood that day but a girl has got to work, right? My outfit deets are below…Enjoy!



Iro and buba – Tope FnR

Shoes – Christian Louboutin

Makeup and Photography – Buchi Akpati

All that glitters is Gold


Hey everyone

This week I decided to go into the details of an outfit I had previously worn. The day I wore it out, It was a thanksgiving service in church and most of my friends said the pictures I took with my iPhone didn’t do the outfit justice so I decided to use a better camera and wasn’t it just worth it?

I got this extremely gorgeous Gold sequin Iro and Buba (Blouse & Wrapper) from  Grey Velvet, Lekki. The designer of the outfit is the legend herself, Ituen Basi. The fabric is what made this outfit in my opinion. Its just too lush! and you are bound to draw attention any day you decide to wear this outfit. The sequin fabric is not like any other I have seen, Its so unique and it was worth every kobo!















Gold sequin Iro and buba – Ituen Basi (Grey Velvet)

Sunglasses – Gucci

Shoes – ASOS

PHOTO CREDITS: BAphotoandfaces