Clan Classic Lookbook


Hey girls!

The Sagoe sisters who are behind the design house CLAN recently released a fantastic lookbook filled with timeless and classic silohuettes hence the lookbook title, ‘classics’. I was in love when I first of all saw photos flood instagram. The lookbook was well styled and photographed. The designs ranged from plunging necklines, peplum details, power suits and asymmetrical cuts.

Sagoe explains that each piece is named after some of hollywood’s biggest and timeless fashion and style stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Erika, while some others were named after an ancient Greek goddess to further elevate  the ever increasing influence of women in the global world and the idea is that each piece embodies the qualities and virtues which a well rounded woman should possess. The design trio described the CLAN classics as ‘exhibiting their timeless pieces’ and they also announced that these pieces will be available all year round in chosen variations and upon personal request.

Girls, I don’t know about you but CLAN will definitely be getting a call from me!

Enjoy the look book below!…xx


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