Crushing on…Bridget Awosika


Bridget Awosika is by far one of my best Nigerian designers. She is one of those very few designers that knows what a fashion brand is all about. I love her and her brand so much. There are a lot of easy pieces that you can wear anyday and there are also pieces for your glamorous night out. This gives her collections balance which is part of why i love her line but i should warn you, they are quite pricey but in the end, its gonna be worth it.


 If i could describe the BA brand in 3 words, I would say its all about minimal, edgy and very chic looks. She uses a lot of light fabric and muted colors in her collections. Also, there is always some kind of twist to each of her collections. Her attention to detail and silhouette is impeccable! And these all disqualify the use of the word ‘cliche’ to any of her designs.  I always know a BA creation when i see one and i must say that its quite difficult to achieve that!


 This dress right here has to find its way to my wardrobe! So S.E.X.Y!




 Celebrities love Bridget Awosika too…


 Seems like I’m not the only one obesessing over BA’s line, our darling nollywood stars are in love too!


 Agbani Darego in bridget awosika lindaikejilog



 Chinwe  (2) (1)IMG_1694

 Bridget Awosika loves BA too!


 When the designer steps out, she is almost always in her own designs and she wears them well too!



 What a beautiful closing display! Go BA!!!

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Style Stars at Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture F/W 2013

Hey Fabs!

So, its a huge shame that Paris Fashion Week has ended. I always want to see more couture because it just so much eye candy!

On the other hand, we all know that a fashion show is usually worthless without the most important style stars at the front row. I mean, these are the people that are going to wear your clothes and because of them, your designs get sold out under 48 hours!

To attract the biggest stars, you have to be a top notch legend in the history of couture. Chanel attracted stars like Rihanna and Kristen Stewart who both wore Chanel to the shows. Also Jennifer Lawrence was of course VVIP at Dior.

Here are your favourite style stars at the Paris Fashion Week 2013. Enjoy…xxx!


Julianne Hough In Georges Hobeika



Emma Roberts and Mena Suvari in Versace


Olivia Palermo


Jennifer Lawrence In Dior. How hot are her pants?!


Salma Hayek


Kristen Stewart In Tweed Blazer By Chanel


Rihanna in Chanel


Rihanna and Karl Lagerfield getting ready for a quick picture! Awww…word has it that Rihanna may just be the next face of the brand. That would be huge for Chanel but Rihanna wouldn’t be my exact candidate for a Chanel Ambassador. She would make them a lot of money but Chanel is a very elegant and timeless brand so I would go for choices like Charlize Theron, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence (Dior beat them to it) and more American Royalties. No insult to Rihanna though. I love her.