Crushing on…Louis Vuitton ‘W’ Bag


Attention Ladies! There is a new it-bag in town! This new kid on the block is from the Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2013 collection and the bag as you can see is named after the structure of the lines which kinda forms a W shape.


This bag is so perfect for fall because its so practical. It looks big enough so there should be a lot of space to put all your lady stuff. It a mixture of fine italian leather and the classic LV monogram print. I love it! So sophisticated and chic!

Word has it that its been flying off the shelves at Louis Vuitton stores worldwide…I guess we know who is snagging them! Check out Resse Witherspoon and Sarah Jessica Parker showing off their LV ‘W’ arm candy!



This arm candy goes from $3,000 – $5,500! Wow right?…you gotta spend cash to stay trendy! Lol…xx