Hey dolls!

My name is Omoyele Ogundipe. I am a final year student at the American University of Nigeria and a fashion enthusiast. Fashion is my passion and I have interests in different aspects of fashion. I am a very strong dreamer and I believe in God and Love. I love to read about fashion, I love stalking all the trends and designers and I love talking about it too. Basically I’m just a girl who loves fashion, has a strong passion for it and one day hopes to be a fashion entrepreneur.

My style is very simple, classy and most of all feminine. I love simple, clean and easy silhouettes. I love wearing clothes that accentuate the best parts of my body and I am a firm believer of the statement ‘less is more’. I love my heels…they are everything. I am short so they have to be my best friend anyway, lol. They are the ultimate confidence boosters so I’d recommend a pair for everyone. In terms of color, I love black! Black and white are my favorite colors but  also like others like pink, red, blue and yellow.

Born and bred in the city of Lagos, Nigeria…I am such a city girl. I love to have fun! I love being and living in Lagos…Its a city of discovery and the city is just bustling with so much energy. There is really a kind of spirit and fun you only experience when you are in Lagos. Best part of it?…Fashion is a business that is just developing in my city and its developing fast and I get to watch it grow from nothing to something. I strongly plan and hope to be a part of this growth with the use my blog.

Also, word has it that I give great advice. I have taken classes in fashion illustration, styling and fashion design at London College of Fashion so feel free to email me with questions/enquiries about anything on omoyele_ogundipe@yahoo.com or femmebyyele@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you all and I’d be more than excited to give you great feedback.

Follow me on twitter and Instagram (@omoyele_o)…xx

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