Introducing ‘African Fashion Bloggers Network’


Hey girls!

I have good news for my fellow African bloggers! There is a new platform that is solely created for the benefit of us! Introducinggg *drum roll* African Fashion Bloggers Network! African Fashion Bloggers Network or AFBN believes that by creating a network, they will be able to help fashion bloggers in Africa and the Diaspora, including bloggers of African descent, to build better blogs, network with other bloggers and work closely with brands through our unique projects/events. It is also their sole desire to see bloggers grow beyond just blogging but towards creating and growing sustainable businesses. In addition, they believe that creating a network will serve as a platform where more experienced bloggers can help new/existing bloggers start and grow their blogs. The AFBN Team has been working hard over the past few months to better serve bloggers in our community. They have so much in store including special AFBN projects and events that will keep you wanting more and also give fashion bloggers more opportunities to explore the fashion world. Amazing right? FBY will keep you updated once their website is launched but in the meantime, you can follow them on Instagram (@africanfashionbloggers) for all interesting details!

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