The Color of Love


Happy Happy Valentine’s day lovers!

As we probably all know, today is all about spreading love and showing love. It’s a day to celebrate love! So, I’m sure you all are guessing who my valentine is, well asides from the obvious, **drum roll** ME! Yes…that’s right me.

Growing up into a woman, I’ve had so many experiences and those experiences helped shape me into who I am today. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learnt in life is to love myself without limits. It took me a while to really understand what it meant to love myself but when I figured it out, I realised that self love is the first step towards knowing or learning how to love any human being. If you cannot love yourself, If you cannot be your own best friend, your own comforter, your No 1 supporter and believer…best believe you cannot love or be any one of these to any one, be it a friend or boyfriend. I learnt that my mistakes don’t define me, I’ve learnt to be more forgiving towards me, I’ve learnt to appreciate the good in my life rather than count every wrong in my life. When I learnt all these things (which took a bit of time), I suddenly started to love myself more and appreciate me. I started to see myself the way I know God sees me. In his eyes, I am his most priced possession and I am his little princess which means I am royalty. I became so happy, I didn’t even understand where the happiness was coming from. Ever since I learnt this, I have loved better. I’ve been a better friend and companion.

So the word I have you my FBY Ladies, please love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you would never be content and happy and truth be told, no man or woman on earth can ever make you happy except Jesus. Humans can make you happier with your life but don’t ever put your happiness in the hands of humans. Love yourself honey…you are worth every thing in the world. Love yourself and the rest of the world would follow suit. I just thought to share that little piece of information with you all.

I would also love to give a big ass shout out to my baby!!! Thank you for showering me with all your love and just being you! You rock my socks off. Once again, Happy Valentines day to you and yours. I love you all and thank you all for reading my blog and dropping the positive comments. It gives me the strength to carry on.

My sexayyyy ass red bandage dress is from French Connection and the photos were taken by Emily Nkanga (

















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