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Hello Lovers!

I have been doing a lot of work concerning my blog and part of it is improving and rebranding. Some of you might have noticed I changed my blog address to while the title of my blog remains femme by yele.

What inspired the change? Let me bore you a bit with my short but meaningful story. Initially when I decided I wanted to be a fashion entrepreneur, I chose femme by yele to be my brand name. Femme means feminine and to cut the story short, ‘Femme by Yele’ basically means femininity expressed in my own way. One thing that is clear about my style is that it is very feminine,stylish and classy. I love showing my curves, I love light fabric, I love baby doll dresses, floral prints…you name it. So I came up with the title ‘The FBY Lady’ when I realized that who my perfect client would be which is typically me because the name of my brand was inspired by my style.

Since I am the typical and original FBY lady and I’m writing about the things I love, the things that inspire me, and posting pictures of my personal style, I decided to change the blog address to but still keep the title as Femme by Yele.

So, where my FBY ladies at?

**NB: Here is the link to the full post for outfit shown above

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