FBY Beauty: How To Look Good Naked


Lol…by naked i mean ‘without makeup’. A lot of women wear makeup on a daily basis and find it hard to go out without putting some on. Makeup enhances our beauty and its really nice to smack on some colors to brighten up your day but ladies, we really need to give our skin a break!

Personally, I only like to wear makeup when I’m going out for serious occasions but most days, I have a very natural look. Its very good for you to allow your skin breathe once in a while because all that makeup won’t give your poor skin space but every one has their reasons yeah?

Well i’m just here to give tips incase one faithful day, you decide to try leaving your house naked, lol.

adriana-lima-without-makeup_1The first step to looking good without makeup is having flawless skin. Beauty is skin deep so we have to take care of our skin inside out. I happen to have good facial skin because im obsessed with my face so im kinda like an expert in this category!

So here are some very simple tips and  you can get back to me on how they worked for you.

  • Drink 4-6 glasses of water a day. This helps to keep your skin glowing and hydrated. 
  • Wash your face twice daily. You dont want dirt piling up on your skin, trust me.
  • Include citrus fruits like oranges, strawberries, kiwi etc in your daily meal. They contain vitamin C and this helps to strengthen and feed the skin.
  • Find a skincare brand/product that works for you and STICK to it. Its really not advisable to change your products every month.
  • Exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin cells.
  • Wear moisturizer everyday (sheer moisturizer preferably)  and if you have extra dry skin, put a mini moisturizer in your purse and use it often. Definitely, no one wants to deal with dry skin.
  • Get rid of your dark circles by getting enough sleep and using a good eye cream. To reduce the puffiness, you can put slices of cucumbers on each eye or place a cold towel over your eyes for like 30 seconds.

NEVER use normal bathing bar soaps to wash your face! It will age you faster and leave your skin very dry and tight. That is absolute skin murder especially if you have bad acne or oily skin. Imagine your face without moisture…yuck! The acidity level in bar soaps are too high for our skin so soaps that are made specially for the skin are a better choice because they are very mild.

Sadly, I cant recommend products i haven’t tried out, so if you have oily skin, you can try the products listed below. If you have another skin type, you can still try it out. The Gadi 21 I think will work fine for all skin types because its made up of mostly natural products.

Gadi 21 mineral cleansing milk (www.gadi21.com, house of fraser).

Gadi 21 mineral purifying toner (www.gadi21.com, house of fraser).

Gadi1 21 bio skin lifting serum (www.gadi21.com, house of fraser).

Kedem Facial Peel – I use this monthly.

Neutrogena  oil-free acne wash (pink grapefruit) – I use this twice a week (any of your popular drugstores or casablanca, lagos).

plumplips2 hbz-look-great-without-makeup-look-arizona-muse-lgn

You also have to take care of other parts of your face like your lips, your eyelashes and your eyebrows.

Our lips are very delicate and need attention often. Make sure to exfoliate your lips using using sugar and vaseline. You can also put honey on your lips to get soft, smooth and plump lips


Eyebrows have to be perfect if you’re gonna pull off the no makeup look! The arch on your brows help define your facial features. You can have them tweezed, waxed, or shaved. If you want to add that extra bang, you can have them tinted.

If you want to make your lashes look longer and fuller without the help of makeup (mascara), you should try brushing through your lashes with vaseline.

Last and the important thing you need is a big gorgeous smile. Never leave your house with it. 🙂

That’s it for now my fabulous ones! Hope you enjoyed the post and i hope you all have the courage to try this! Don’t forget to drop a comment and follow my twitter handle (@Omoyele_O) and my instagram (Omoyele.O)

Love you fabs,


Style Focus: Rihanna’s Biggest Moments In Fashion

2009-11-2_104851744037.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2 rihanna-red-carpet7_164741555414.jpg_article_gallery_slideshow_v2

Can I please be allowed to be obsessed with this diva? Lol…seriously though! Rihanna is my favorite obsession because she is fabulous in every sense of the word.

I think, what makes us so drawn to rih rih is the fact that she dictates her own trends! she wears whatever she feels like and she doesn’t fail to bring her confidence along with her. Why wont whatever she wears sell within 48 hours?

Rihanna has had some very huge moments in the fashion industry and hence, she is tagged a fashion icon which I think is really well deserved! Enough of the talking though, here are the fashion moments I think really made Rihanna such a style star.

Good Girl Gone Bad

Nickelodeon's 20th Annual Kids' Choice Awardsrihanna-short-hairstyle1


This was the beginning of it all! The rihanna we knew was a sweet girl from a little island and all of a sudden #BANG! she turned on us! It was a huge shock to everyone…who was this new fierce sex symbol?

Red Riding Robyn


Just right after we thought Rihanna couldn’t get more crazy, she went ahead and did this! It was a huge shocker but that very moment, every girl wanted her hair red. At this point, Rihanna’s hair became more than just ‘hair’. It became her signature, her accessory, her selling point!

Vogue Has The Rih Fever!

Rihanna Vogue US November April UK 2012 2011

Our very own fashion bible. **sigh** Let me start off like this, Vogue is like the biggest thing that happened to fashion media. It is such a huge accomplishment for your face to be on the cover of Vogue but Rih has hers on the cover of three issues! How amazing is that? This was a major achievement for Rihanna! She sported three different looks each showing the various sides of Robyn. Of course, she came and conquered! This only took her to another level in the fashion world!

All Glammed up For Glamour’s Women Of The Year Awards


Glamour Magazine Honors The 2009 Women of the Year - Insiderihanna-quad-11099-5

THIS is how you wear haute couture! First off, Rihanna has an amazing body. She is every designers dream muse and wearing this ivory Stephan Rolland couture dress was a genius move. Rihanna looks like a true star in this number, the structure of the dress is amazing  and the sheer detail just gives such a sexy vibe!

Her makeup is just right; not taking attention away from the dress and her hair seals her entire look with a bit of edge. This is by far one of my best looks of Rihanna on the red carpet.

Rihanna At The Brit Awards


I just have one thing to say, Rih knocked it out of the park with this Givenchy ! The very first time I saw her in this dress, I literally passed out! I will find it hard to believe if anyone tells me that Riccardo Tisci did not have Rihanna in mind when he was designing this dress. Lets even leave the dress for a min though, the gloves are actually what made this look. Without the gloves, it would have been like any other red carpet dress! Like I’ve said before, Little details can make such a huge difference.

One last thing, her pose!!! I just had to mention that. You see Rihanna has something they call swag, I call it confidence and it looks so good on Rih.

Fresh Off The Runway!



On this very day, Rihanna caused a frenzy in the media. Even amongst the sexiest models in the entire world, Rih still stood out! She gave them all a run for their money because she made it clear that she was really the ‘Queen of the runway’. I think her costume designer, Adam Selman is just amazing! Word has it that these outfits were pulled together just hours before the show and i must say, they are amazingly brilliant! They really stuck to the memo by infusing lingerie details in the look. This was MAJOR for Rih!

Grammy Gorgeous!

8q5o6p-l-610x610-dress-rihanna-red-carpet-grammy-red-dress-red-maxi-dress-cut-out-dress rihanna-red-carpet-beauty-at-the-grammys-L-QLZ4pH


The Grammy awards is the most glamorous event on the hollywood calendar. Thats when all the stars bring out the big guns and Rihanna always has her AK47 and to shoot us all!

Rihanna looked absolutely beautiful in the red custom Azzedine Alaia dress ! It was a huge evening for Rihanna as she finally went back to her good girl look. I say she totally rocked! While In 2012, Rihanna worked with Giorgio Armani for the plunging neckline black dress. She pulled off the minimalist look WELL1

The white outfit all together is just swag!!! Now thats how you step into the Grammy Awards after party!

Rihanna For River Island



You know you have made it when River Island gives you collaboration contract! Rihanna is fashions big deal so it was only right she had her own line of clothes. First reaction when i saw the collection? It was exactly what i expected. The clothes really embody her image! They are all stuff you would see her wear and that was the whole point in the first place. To create a collection that represents her so to me, it was a huge success.

Unapologetically Touring

rihanna- american app shorts, wolford bodysuit and channel 156720888-jpg_140309


One thing i love Rihanna for is how she puts amazing effort into her stage costumes. Anytime Rihanna steps on stage, she surprises us and shows us how versatile she can be. She really made statements with her Diamonds World Tour outfits. Truly fashionable and creative. I can so see myself rocking any of these looks especially the american apparel high waisted shorts, wolford white bodysuit and Chanel vintage necklace. 🙂


6a00e54ef964538834017c37f483c6970b-350wi 6a00e54ef964538834017ee9979175970d-350wi

It doesn’t get bigger than this! It really doesn’t! This was custom made for her Diamonds World Tour by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. The whole look is beyond words. It has so much swagger and trust Rih to add just a little omphh by bringing her ‘thug life’ swag along.